UEIL Congress on the future of the lubricants lndustry

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We are very proud that Eleven Recruitment was part of the 2018 UEIL Congress in beautiful Budapest at the end of October. 

There was a great atmosphere, with over 200 representatives of the lubricants industry from Europe, USA, Asia, Africa sharing their expertise. 

The theme for this year’s congress was the forward-looking ‘Embracing the Future’, with leading experts discussing how to remain competitive when faced with today’s challenges. 

UEIL President Valentina Serra-Holm's welcome speech highlighted the consequences of the growing skills gap. 
Keynote speaker Greg Croce of Chevron gave us a fascinating insight into the continuing importance of tribology as the industry evolves to embrace renewables. 

Other speakers focused on areas such as E-mobility, Digitalisation, Sustainability and Cross Border Strategies, with Eleven Recruitment’s Managing Director, Nick Smith, sharing his thoughts and research on the challenges of attracting young talent in to the industry and addressing the skills issue. 

Lubricants skills shortage - Are we in crisis? 

Nick Smith’s presentation and the panel debate tackled the challenges of getting the next generation interested in a career in lubricants, as highlighted in the recent Eleven Recruitment whitepaper ‘We need to talk about 2030’ written in conjunction with the United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA). 

Some key discussion areas of the lively panel debate were: 

The need to promote the amazing importance of our industry.   Few outside the industry are aware of how critical it is to so many areas of life. 

Whether we are overlooking the vital contribution of the 35-55 age group in the debate. 

The difficultly of pigeon holing “millennials”.   Some might be interested in work life balance and self-actualization, but others might be as career/financially motivated as any other generation. 

The importance of engaging STEM students while still in education. 

Nick is clear that the issue needs serious focus now:  

“As a recruiter specialising in experienced hires we are acutely conscious of the demographic cliff that sees seasoned professionals leave the industry.  We are therefore delighted to be involved in the debate about how to attract new blood into the industry.” 

It will be interesting to see what progress has been made on these key issues when the next congress takes place in sunny Cannes in 2019 – we're looking forward to it. 

If you would like to know more about tackling the lubricants industry skills crisis, you can download our whitepaper here