Sarah wins title for 'Best Candidate Care of the Decade'

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Eleven team Finance & risk, Eleven News

We were delighted to see our own Sarah Stott receive the award for 'Best Candidate Care of the Decade' in our team meeting this morning. We usually reward the member of our team who has delivered the best candidate experience that quarter, but due to the huge number of positive messages we've received over the years for Sarah, decided a lifetime achievement award was in order to round off 2018! 

Managing Director Nick Smith explained what makes Sarah so special. "She is one of the most talented consultants we have for understanding people's 'off-CV' aspirations and motivations. She's the one who will spot personal circumstances that might make a job ideal for a candidate (or not), or get to know them so well that she can get past the usual response of 'I'd like more money' to understand what is really driving the desire to move jobs. We laughed that the London Hilton is having a refurbishment, due to Sarah hosting so many candidate interviews there that the chairs and carpets have been worn out."

Here are just some of the comments we've received from candidates and clients about Sarah:

"Sarah was absolutely brilliant throughout the whole process, honest, knowledgeable, kind and practice.  I am only on day 4 in my new role but I am enjoying it immensely already and I certainly owe it to Sarah.  Thank you"

"Sarah was not only very  supportive but she also had my best interests at heart throughout the whole process."

"Sarah is the best recruiter I have ever met.  Professional, patient, and know people in detail, the best one I have ever met. Thank you"

Congratulations Sarah!