Nick Smith interviewed in Fuel Oil News

Nick Smith Interviewed In Fuel Oil News

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Our Managing Director Nick Smith gave an interview recently to Fuel Oil News magazine.  Here is the interview in full...

Well-known in the downstream fuel oil distribution industry for the past 20 years, Oil Recruitment now has a new name and a new look.

Fuel Oil News asked managing director Nick Smith what prompted the name change to Eleven Recruitment in this 20th anniversary year?

In addition to its strong oil focus, Oil Recruitment has actually covered non-oil sectors for most of those years.  Indeed, we’ve been finding roles for people in gas & power and speciality chemicals for 19 years. 

As we approached our 20-year anniversary, it felt right to do some crystal ball gazing.  One thing we know for sure is that the internet has transformed large areas of recruitment, and more technological developments will further automate the recruitment process.

What won’t change is that clients will always want to access rare talent, particularly those who are not actively looking for a new role. We believe we will continue to be able to connect clients to this valuable network by having a reputation for the best candidate experience within our niches. So, with a nod to 1980s spoof documentary This is Spinal Tap, our new name acts as a constant reminder to us that we need to keep candidate service turned up to eleven.

By relaunching the company can the market place expect to see any changes?

We are continually working to improve the recruitment experience for both clients and candidates. Candidates will now find it easier to apply for roles on our new website, using just their LinkedIn profile if they wish, and clients will benefit from an increased breadth and depth of experience in each of the sectors we work in, as we build the capacity of our teams. 

With sectors expanding more rapidly in recent times, how does the company ensure it stays up to date with emerging trends, future markets whilst continuing to maintain its high standards?

Our focus is on deepening the specialism within each of our existing niche sectors through a widening knowledge and greater research.

We invest heavily in staff training and allow dedicated time for building industry knowledge by partnering with trade bodies and attending industry events. And we ensure we share knowledge with our sister company, Fuel Oil News!

Repeat business is very important in the recruitment market, how will Eleven Recruitment ensure that clients and candidates across all sectors keep coming back for more?

Our 11 commitments!  As part of our relaunch we have set our 11 commitments to every client and every candidate.

A great reputation in this industry is hard to achieve but by caring about our service and following our processes, we aim to differentiate ourselves from competitors.

Our clients hate finding a large number of questionable CVs in their inbox. We focus on finding the right people, and in the year to date 45% of candidates submitted were called for interview – a figure that we are very happy with. 

For many years we have surveyed candidates who did not get the job: something many recruitment companies do not do.  I’m proud of the fact that 84% of these candidates still rated us as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.  We have now taken candidate feedback one step further with the launch of publicly visible reviews via the independent feefo platform.  

Taking the Brexit unknowns into consideration, what do you see as the main challenges for recruitment in the near future?

Over the last three quarters, we have seen less uncertainty in the recruitment market. 

It is vital that skilled people are able to move around, and I remain optimistic that the ability to recruit across Europe will come out in the post Brexit wash. 

The challenge of finding the right qualified staff for our clients will, however, always remain.

With fuel sales, supply and storage at the heart of the Fuel Oil News audience, what key changes have you witnessed in this sector’s recruitment needs?

The continued organic expansion of second tier distributors has led to good demand for regionally based managerial and sales staff, whilst the consolidation in larger ones has led to more central support and management roles.  Field sales roles have certainly declined over the years.

Where do you hope to see Eleven Recruitment in 5 year’s time? 

We aim to have doubled the size of our team in each sector and earned a position as first choice recruitment partner for the fuel distribution sector.