Eleven Recruitment ‘hedges’ for sustainable futures

Eleven Recruitment develops it's climate policy and partners with Greenhills Farm to plant trees and hedgerows

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The issue of climate change has never been more in focus than today. With entire communities coming together in strike action to small changes being made in day to day life, now is the time to change our ways.

Eleven Recruitment has been striving to reduce its own carbon footprint over the past few years but is now going one step further. Nick Smith, Managing Director of Eleven Recruitment, said: “We have developed a climate policy for our business. The policy outlines our dedication to reducing carbon emissions and one of the ways that we will achieve this is by committing 1% of our revenue and 1% of our time to support external initiatives. Each initiate will be built on a partnership spanning three-years and will include a range of activities from ‘all-hands’ volunteer days to straight-forward sponsorship.

“We are excited to announce that our first three-year partnership is with Greenhills Farm, a dairy farm owned and managed by David Johnson.”

With guidance from Nicola Hall, the Director at Environmental Land Management Associates Ltd, several initiatives have been carried out by David over the past few years, and now further plans can be made through Eleven’s sponsorship and additional man-power. 

Eleven’s first task will commence in early December, as all employees plan to replace barbed wire fencing around grassland with hedgerows containing guelder rose and dog rose. The group, who will also be planting trees on the same day, will include the Climate Crew, a cluster of volunteers from Eleven who are developing and overseeing the climate policy.

Eleven’s Climate Crew project manager, Lisa Best, said: “We look forward to working closely with David and Nicola to help to make a difference to Greenhills Farm over the next three years, and support in their plan to continuously offset C02 emissions with increasingly managed and maintained carbon stores.”

Eleven Recruitment’s Climate Crew were welcomed to Greenhills Farm in October to see how David had adapted his land to reduce its C02 footprint.

Eleven employees will be planting trees and replanting hedgerows around Greenhills farm after the mass removal of hedges on farmland in the ‘50s. 

David Johnson takes the Climate Crew on a tour of Greenhills Farm in October, highlighting the various ways he has helped to balance his C02 emissions over the past years.

Follow Eleven’s journey to reduce carbon emissions, starting with the day of replanting on December 10th.