Bringing in the new year with our oldest customer

Ted, Fran And Nick

Nick Smith Eleven News

As a new year and new decade begins it is often a time to reflect on the past, almost as though reminiscence will help to ease us into the future.

Our end of year meeting, just three weeks ago, was filled with joyous recaps of our first full year with our new company name and branding, and it certainly was dialled up to Eleven, resulting in a record year for the company!

During the week leading up to our Christmas break, the nostalgia reached much further back than the start of 2019 however. 

We are fortunate enough to have several friends and past colleagues visit us on the run up to Christmas, including one of our very first customers who bought coal from the Ashley and Dumville Group in the late 1920s.

My family had started selling coal after acquiring a coal and coke trading business in 1905. Ted Partridge was just a boy when his Grandmother would send him out to flag down our horse drawn coal wagons as they trundled down Stratford Road in Manchester.

A WW2 Burma veteran, he has seen a bit his 94 years. In the photograph above Ted stands with our youngest Eleven employee, Fran Spada, who recently joined our recruitment team on the Gas, Power and LNG desk.

Much diversification has occurred since the 1900s, and although we haven’t sold fossil fuel products for over 20 years, Ted continues to visit us every year and we all look forward to welcoming Ted to our offices again soon.