UK Oil Terminal Map Updated for 2020

Fon Map 2020 For Web

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Oil terminal map updated for 2020

Fuel Oil News, Eleven’s sister company has published the latest version of its essential map of the UK’s fuel storage and refineries, available interactively online or printed.

The map has been updated to showcase the latest acquisitions, sales and closures across the UK such as BP’s sale of the Northampton terminal and its share of the Kingsbury terminal to Essar Oil UK, as well as highlighting that its terminal at Hamble is still for sale.

Additions to the oil terminal map includes Geos Group’s independent storage facility at Blyth. It also highlights that LCC Group’s company owned storage at Cloghan Point is pending planning permission.

The Total terminal at Colwick (Nottingham) has closed following a decommissioning process and has therefore been removed from this year’s map.

The interactive online version of the map acts as a fully searchable tool, allowing you to search for a specific company, independent storage


facility or refinery on a map of the United Kingdom.

If you’d prefer a printed map to use as a reference point or display, the maps can also be purchased as an A1 poster, with or without a frame, and with generous discounts for Fuel Oil News subscribers.