Getting green fingers at Greenhills Farm

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Located in the heart of Knutsford, Eleven Recruitment has deep roots in sponsoring community events and initiatives, from sponsoring the Knutsford Mayor’s Charity Ball to supporting Knutsford Town Council’s Wallwood project last Spring. Over the past few months however, Eleven has also focused on supporting its climate commitments.

An integral part of Eleven’s climate policy is the commitment to spend 1% of time and 1% of revenue on charitable / community initiatives. This will include two all-hands volunteer days per year, where roughly 20-30 of our employees will take part in an activity to helps others.

Last year, we told you about Eleven’s three-year partnership with Greenhills Farm. The first task as part of our partnership was to donate time and funds to plant hedgerows and trees to replace where hedgerows once were and on December 9th, twenty of Eleven Recruitment’s employees visited Greenhills Farm equipped with shovels, wellies and woolly hats, ready to get to work.

The group quickly split into several teams of two or three and were given bags of saplings to distribute along a 150m area.

Greenhills owner David was joined by his brother and gardening expert, who showed the team the best way to plant the new hedgerow sprouts, and the teams were off!  

Over 300 plants and saplings were planted by the teams in just under 1.5 hours, showing the sheer benefit of teamwork, and the drive of a team with a good helping of healthy competition!

It was back to the warmth of David’s house for home-made chilli and cups of tea afterwards where the team could defrost and reflect on just how long the planting would have taken if we had just half the amount of hands helping!

We can’t wait to see how the hedgerow flowers come Spring.

It is a combined dream of both Eleven Recruitment managing director Nick Smith, and David from Greenhills Farm to get other farmers and local businesses more involved in their climate commitments. Whether that includes donations from other businesses to farmers in a similar way to Eleven or finding other ways to help a local business achieve their goals to offset their CO2 emissions.

Catch up on our full climate policy here and keep up to date with our future activities here.