Hiring a power trader – what to know

Eleven Recruitment Power Trader Whitepaper

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​Hiring a power trader – what to know

In June 2020 Eleven Recruitment analysed the profiles of 100 UK based power traders. Looking at their first roles and the degrees studied it gives valuable insight into what makes a successful power trader. The aim was to allow employers and trading teams to question the makeup of their existing team, challenge themselves on their own systems, personnel development and create a clear and effective strategy to optimise performances going forward. 

It starts at school

Jumping straight into the data then, we asked what our power traders studied. Unsurpringly we saw economics, maths and business took the lion’s share. Indeed, it goes without saying that trading requires a degree of numeracy, however, as line managers and heads of trading look to expand or diversify their teams, Eleven asks if the degree studied is important? 

We question should a hiring manager be looking at a suitable candidates’ traits and skills whilst looking at their education? And are there other subjects that a power trader could have studied that would benefit a growing team? Or when consolidating a team? 

Have you ever thought about the qualifications your current team have? And what experience or qualities would benefit your team?   

Their first role

The paper also looks at the first role the power traders had after their degree or masters. When asked what their first job was, “analyst” was top. This is no doubt because a trading analyst is a deeply trusted part of the front office team and will often influence decisions. We know some can make the step to execution but their knowledge should be second to none. 

The whitepaper questions whether having analysis as well as an operations background would benefit a trading team also. It goes on to show the breakdown of roles and the varied paths power traders have taken towards becoming a power trader. 

To download the whitepaper and read the full research click here. 

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