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Eleven Recruitment, a UK based recruitment business specialising in power, gas, oil, non-energy commodities and speciality chemicals has released its latest research analysing 100 UK based power traders.

Through interviews and desk research, data shows the degrees and masters the power traders completed. The research also shares the first roles these power traders had in the industry. 

“We hope the research is useful to line managers looking to build the trading team and might also ask some useful questions for the HR manager who is targeted to build a more diverse desk” says Richard Tregarthen, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Eleven Recruitment. “Although not surprisingly over a third of those contacted, studied maths and finance, there are useful insights into other degrees and masters completed that led to successful power trading.”

The data also looks at the power traders’ first role which vary from analyst to operations and brokers.

Tregarthen continues, “Although today's picture looks like this, it’s worth considering potential future changes in the industry, and closer to home, in each organisation. We think it’s important too, to consider how this may influence the skill sets and personalities needed amongst a trading desk.”  

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