Total to expand lubricants blending operation


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​Total to expand lubricants blending operation

Total Lubricants in the UK has announced expansion plans for its Ferrybridge site in West Yorkshire. 

The company, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its lubricant blending plant, revealed that the expansion will take place next year to include developing the use of renewable energies and modernising the plant’s manufacturing process and warehousing. 

With 90 employees, Total is the only energy major which still blends lubricants in the UK including engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, engine coolants and lubricating greases. 

John Ryder, General Manager at Total Lubricants in Ferrybridge, said; “I’ve encountered many challenges and managed numerous crises over the years but the thing that really stands out from my last three years with the lubricants business, is the team’s resilience and adaptability through the pandemic.”

“The way the team has come together to deal with the crisis, with the production team working throughout, continually delivering and working a shift system to keep everyone safe, has been phenomenal to witness and to be a part of."

“The investment underlines our commitment to the Yorkshire region and the UK market, and we are pleased to make this announcement on the 50th anniversary of blending at Ferrybridge,” Ryder continued.

While Total is investing in its lubricants business in the UK, it is divesting its oil refining assets, in line with its “forward-looking strategy for Total’s European refining base, which involves focusing our investments on integrated refining and petrochemical platforms.” On July 27th, Total announced that it has agreed to sell the Lindsey refinery and its associated logistic assets, as well as all the related rights and obligations, to the Prax Group. 

Located in Immingham, Lincolnshire, the Lindsey refinery has an annual production capacity of 5.4 million tons. This acquisition will make Prax more integrated and competitive in the United Kingdom and will secure its local supply.

“Since the sale of our British retail network in 2011, the Lindsey refinery hasn’t been part of Total’s downstream system. It will be put to better use within the Prax Group; an independent player with a growing UK network. After considering several options for the future of the Lindsey site, Total chose the one that best protects local jobs,” said Bernard Pinatel, President of Total Refining & Chemicals.

The sale should be finalised by the end of the year.