Salary Survey 2020 – LNG & Natural Gas

Salary Survey for LNG and natural gas hiring sector

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​We’re pleased to share our latest salary survey with you. Following client discussion and candidate interviews undertaken by the in-house research team, the report details salary bands, roles and responsibilities, and looks at the challenges and opportunities 2020 has brought to the LNG and natural gas hiring sector.

Please contact to request a copy of the survey from one of our sector specialists.

In the report we share our opinion on the market from the last year. Whilst we believe LNG teams remain lean, we’re seeing the market for traded LNG continuing to develop with pace. In 2019 the global LNG market grew at an impressive 13% (to 347 MT). This is the strongest growth since 2010.

Small-scale LNG projects have also started to grow as we see the fruits of both inland and marine LNG projects come into effect. Argentina exported its first cargo from the Tango FLNG small scale facility and Europe’s LNG imports grew by 75% year on year (108 MT).

In terms of the supply and demand side, we have seen increasing volumes absorbed into Europe which is playing a balancing role due to abundant storage and a well-connected and liquid market.

This year’s salary survey includes:

  • A breakdown of roles across trading, origination and operations

  • Salary ranges across ISTs, Utilities, Trading houses and Banks

Should you wish to discuss this, or opportunities in this market, please get in touch with the team.