Salary Survey 2020 – Natural gas and power trading

Salary Survey for natural gas and power trading hiring sector

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We’re excited to share our latest salary survey with you. Following client discussion and candidate interviews undertaken by the in-house research team, the report details salary bands, roles and responsibilities, and looks at the challenges and opportunities 2020 has brought to the natural gas and power trading hiring sector.

Please contact to request a copy of the survey from one of our sector specialists.

In the report, we share our opinion on how the commercial gas and power space continues to evolve. Aggregated power producing portfolios, distributed energy, batteries, wind, renewables and the green transition are pushing the envelope to make power an exciting and ever developing space.

2019 marked a strong year for most in natural gas trading; the number of people moves is expected to be smaller in 2020 due to more companies paying staggered bonuses yet the year provided good levels of volatility on power markets too.

Trading utilities continue to reshape in a bid to increase efficiencies. Coronavirus did little to stem trading activity as many companies discovered a new world of traders, trading from home, something that would have been difficult to imagine only 12 months before.

The salary survey includes:

  • A breakdown of roles across gas and power trading, origination and operations

  • Salary as well as bonus ranges across ISTs, Utilities, Trading houses and Banks

Should you wish to discuss this, or opportunities in this market, please get in touch with the team.