​Salary Survey 2020 - Oil trading

Salary Survey for the oil trading hiring sector

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​Salary Survey 2020 - Oil trading

We’re excited to share our latest salary survey.

Please contact hello@elevenrecruitment.com to request a copy of the survey from one of our sector specialists.

Following client discussion and candidate interviews undertaken by the in-house research team, the report details salary bands, roles and responsibilities, and looks at the challenges and opportunities 2020 has brought to the oil trading hiring sector.

In the report we share our opinion on what has been a largely good year for oil trading aided by the sulphur regulations for marine fuel. With more transparency in the markets the general feeling is the better places to be, today, are the larger more integrated oil/trading businesses who can offer stability. But we’ve also seen traders looking to diversify to other parts of the barrel whilst the demand for greener fuel gains momentum.

In shipping, “optimisation” continues to be the keyword as the market manages the sulphur regulations, the drone attacks in Saudi, US sanctions on COSCO shipping and a reduced supply of vessels.

One thing is for sure, salaries remain under pressure with the gap much narrower now from company to company, creating little financial incentive for people to move, restricting the number of quality candidates.

This year’s survey includes:

  • A breakdown of roles across oil trading, commercial shipping, cargo and vessel operations and demurrage

  • Salary ranges across NOCs, Refiners, IOCs, Trading houses and Banks

Should you wish to discuss this, or opportunities in this market, please get in touch here.