​Latest news from the speciality chemical industry

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​Latest news from the speciality chemical industry

We've collated the latest news from the speciality chemicals industry. Please find a summary of the news pieces below with commentary from Andrew England, our desk lead in the sector, on how these updates may affect the hiring landscape and those within the industry.

1. Tribology’s contribution to CO2 reduction and sustainability

Andrew comments on this news, brought to us by Fuel and Lubes:
“This article provides a great insight into how lubricants can help change the world for the better, it is still a very viable route to helping with the reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide. My view is that those people working in the lubricants industry or wishing to join the industry should see themselves not as part of the archaic oil industry but as pioneers in the green revolution. This is a mind-set that the industry needs to highlight if we are to tackle the issue of talent leakage and the reluctance of young people wishing to look at lubricants as a career options.”

Energy is the prime mover for virtually all activities of human existence, contributing to prosperity and lifting billions of people out of poverty. Poor execution of energy resources can be detrimental to extant ecosystems. Reducing wasteful systemic losses through wear and friction, which take a substantial toll on the performance of machines, can help reduce carbon footprints and GHG.

It is necessary to address frictional and wear losses, durability, reparability, and condition monitoring of mechanical systems, but to do so, it is necessary to have a firm grasp of the engineering and science of buttressing a machine or a factory operation. This is where the science of tribology comes into play

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2. Valvoline announce they’re going big with greases

Valvoline Inc., a leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, has made a serious move into the market of greases. Since the 2019 acquisition of a respectable manufacturer of greases and industrial oils in Serbia, strategically located to serve Central Eastern Europe and Russia, the company has invested in a state-of-the-art research and development facility and upgraded its production capacity to facilitate future growth.

Andrew comment:
“Let’s talk about greases. This is an often overlooked area of the wider lubricants world, however it is an essential product that keeps industry moving and is at the heart of the growing importance of reliability. At Eleven we have been speaking with many grease experts and we recognise that although this is a very niche area of the industry, the people involved are highly skilled and should be recognised for it. It is good to see that Valvoline has also recognised this and is investing heavily in their grease business which should hopefully create more opportunities for the experts in this area. For a good understanding of the importance of grease in our food production you can also view this article. (Registration is required).

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3. Electrified car registrations overtake diesels in Europe

New figures reveal that EV, plug-in and hybrid models overtook diesel cars across Europe for the first time in history, making up one in four new cars registered in Europe in September, while overall figures increased year on year.

Data published by industry analysts JATO Dynamics showed that demand for petrol and diesel cars suffered double-digit percentage drops compare with September 2019, with diesel down to just under 25% of the European market. Petrol cars made up 47% of the market, compared with 59% in the same period last year.

Andrew comments:
“A very interesting news story. Some may say it is inevitable and it could be that the effects of lockdowns across Europe may have affected the sales of diesel engine cars. What does this mean for the lubricants industry though? It is a tough question to answer but one thing is for certain; those operating purely in the motor oil industry should possibly have a think about how to transition into other areas of the lubricants industry. It isn’t something we think you should be doing immediately, because there is still a strong demand in this market, but the team at Eleven are always here to discuss your career plans and provide any advice on this.”

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