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​Sustainability, EVs and a warning for the sector

We've collated the latest news from the speciality chemicals industry. Please find a summary of the news pieces below with commentary from Andrew England, our team leader in the sector, on how these updates may affect the hiring landscape and those within the industry.

The move to sustainability

Clariant accelerates the move towards renewables

Commenting on this news, brought to us by Fuels and Lubes, Andrew says:
“News that Clariant are to accelerate their move towards sustainability highlights a common thread across the chemicals industry with businesses looking to reduce the carbon footprint across not just their production activities but their entire business activities.”

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Shell offers carbon neutral lubricants

Andrew comments: “This move to sustainability is not just reflected in the way that companies operate it is also reflected in the products that are being offered, take Shell’s recent announcement for example.

"Shell is to offer carbon neutral lubricants - this is an ongoing trend across the industry - but when one of the major players makes a sizeable shift, there needs to be a consideration of when end users will demand carbon neutral products. Will you be ready when this happens? If you don’t have a plan in place, there is a chance you might be left playing catch up when the demand for carbon neutral products reaches a critical mass, which could affect your sales."

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Great news and a warning for others

Nynas successfully exits reorganisation

“It is great to see Nynas emerge from recent troubles in a position to capitalise on their strong brand recognition. It raises the important question for all in the industry, have you got a robust policy on feedstock? If you are reliant upon one feedstock source does this leave you open to the vagaries of geopolitics, have you got enough diversity of supply or even a strong plan B if something happens that could affect your business as has been exposed by the recent plight of Nynas?”

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EVs – it’s happening do you have a plan for it?

Commenting on the recent announcement by Ford that all of their cars produced in Europe will be EV or hybrid by 2030, Andrew comments: “This is nothing out of the blue. It does however bring into sharp focus that all lubricants businesses need to have a plan in place for the time when the internal combustion engine is no longer the leading form of transportation. We all know it is happening, but do you know how your business will survive and thrive in 5, 10, 15yrs time?

“One thing that we have been doing at Eleven is providing consultancy services to help our clients commission reports or industry experts to help them understand how they can offer new products and services that will allow them to transition into new markets and thrive in the incoming new world of EVs. Please get in contact if you would like to learn more about how we can help.”

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