Peter Morgan


  • Peter was really helpful throughout the process, he would keep me updated and make sure that I was prepared before the interviews plus during the negoitation stage giving me some good advice. Overall feedback is positive in terms of support, communication and advice.

    Sam - Trading Operator - May 2021

  • I have known Peter for a number of years and can honestly say he is an outstanding person. The support, communication and advice were great. Any questions or clarificaiton requested was handled promptly and replayed back quickly. All in all A* from Eleven Recruitment.

    Dipesh - Demurrage Analyst - May 2021

  • We know each other well and he knows what I am after.

    Elodie - Charterering Manager - May 2021

  • ​"Jo Lubbock and Peter Morgan are very professional. They have assisted me with all my inquiries and guided me through the whole recruitment process."

    Anonymous​ - Nov 2019

  • ​​"Despite the difficulties Peter and Jas helped me negotiate a longer than usual recruitment experience. Peter's insight into the company recruiters was most helpful."

    Anonymous - May 2020

  • “Peter is knowledgeable and very pleasant in general and has added value to the process, in a pro-active way, not just this position but also on several other occasions. In my view he stands out positively among recruiters in the oil and shipping industry.”    

    Erik - Shipping company

  • “Peter did an amazing job and was thoroughly professional throughout, thank you again.”  

    Damien - Trading company