Oil Trader

We are looking for an experienced Oil Trader with a strong knowledge fo fuel oil, for a Denmark-based position.

Area of responsibility:    

  • Responsible for providing liquidity to customer flow and capturing bid/offer spread.
  • Actively working to cover the desks opening hours
  • Responsible for acting in accordance with instructions from Head of Trading, including proactively ensuring that no compliance breaches occurs.

Purpose of the position:            

  • Provide liquidity for customer flow and capturing bid/offer spread.
  • Co-manage risks and PnL in joint portfolio
  • Actively support Sales
  • Knowhow
  • Analysis
  • Sparing
  • Create and develop own portfolio in accordance with risk mandate
  • Develop tools and trading strategies that supports our flow business
  • Report trading activities to Head of Trading

Personal characteristics:    

  • 3 year professional experience in the oil market with a strong knowledge in Fuel Oil and a broader knowledge of the rest of the barrel
  • Adjustable/flexible
  • Working hours
  • Working area (trading not just one thing)
  • Location
  • Compliant
  • Creative
  • Determined
  • Ability to work on his/her own